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8pm GMT
January 21, 2023

Displaying a unique style of lush and dramatic dance music stretching from the deeper sounds of organic house to the harder hitting club shakers of progressive, Discognition sets himself apart from the crowd in many ways. In the early days of his career, Discognition captivated many listeners in the niche genre of melodic progressive house with his balearic, jazz inspired tunes, and quickly made a name for himself.

Making his way into more conventional styles of music, Discognition has since carved his own path forward with successful outings on established labels like Monstercat Silk, AVA Deep, Positronic and Purified Records. As a passionate individual, his stylistic ‘voice’ evokes deep emotion into anyone listening, solidifying a feeling that makes you know instantly when one of his tracks is playing.

Leveraging momentum from his chart topping EP ‘Black Rose of Olympus,’ Discognition has seen a massive rise in global support, hitting the 400,000 mark in total streams on Spotify alone in 2022. There’s no sign of that momentum slowing down as some of the industry's top curators are taking notice. After a guest mix on Jaytech’s podcast, DJ support on the Colorize: Colorscapes Tour, and an invite to Nora En Pure ’s “Purified" showcase in Denver, it’s clear that Discognition is poised to become a new favorite going into the next chapter of his journey.

Any successful music career begins with an artist providing a fresh and unique perspective on tried and true ingredients from the past and there’s no doubt you can count on Discognition taking us into the future as his career blossoms.

Discognition's exclusive show starts at 8pm GMT (1pm MST, 3pm EST)

Opening support will be provided by our resident DJs, The Idahoan (4pm GMT, 9am MST, 11am EST) and Dean Savage (6pm GMT, 11am MST, 1pm EST)

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Posted by The Idahoan

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