Paid Guest DJ Gigs with Atlantic Progression

We are excited to announce that we’re now offering paid guest DJ gigs with Atlantic Progression! When you perform on our Mixcloud channel, you will get paid to perform. You will also receive a percentage of the tips that are generated during your set. Here’s how it works.

  • You will be paid $5 to perform a guest DJ set on Atlantic Progression’s Mixcloud channel.
  • You will receive 20% of all tips that are generated during your show.
  • You will receive your total earnings within 24 hours after your show ends via PayPal.

Why We Chose To Pay Our Guest DJs

When we (Phil and Chad) first conceived Atlantic Progression, we knew that we wanted to make something special. But, we didn’t know what “special” looked like. For the first few months, we simply played some weekly shows and uploaded our mixes. It was fun, but it quickly got stale. We realized that we were really just doing what we already did on our own channels.

Eventually, it was decided that we would open up Atlantic Progression to guest DJs. At the time, we were unable to pay our guest DJs anything. We started to generate interest among the Mixcloud community and started booking guest DJs multiple times per month. Many of those guest DJs have large followings of their own. They helped to expose Atlantic Progression to more people with similar musical interests. We realized that it was time to give a little something back to our guest DJs. It was time for us to consider offering paid guest DJ gigs.

How Our Paid Guest DJ Gigs Work

In order to provide full transparency, we’d like to show you how it works. Obviously, we’re not wealthy people. Phil and Chad have been funding all of Atlantic Progression out of their own pockets. These expenses include the monthly Mixcloud Pro subscription, website hosting and domain services, and time spent promoting Atlantic Progression. So, we decided to begin raising income to pay our guest DJs and to support Atlantic Progression.

So, here is how we fund Atlantic Progression while also support the guest DJs who perform on our channel. For every tip that we receive from our fans and followers on Mixcloud:

  • 20% is automatically taken by Mixcloud – this is the fee that Mixcloud takes from every tip that is processed. Mixcloud uses this money to pay royalties to the artists whose music we play. They also use this money to run Mixcloud. Think of it as “Uncle Sam” of the online streaming service.
  • 20% is paid to the guest DJ who was playing when the tip was received. The more in tips that are received during the stream, the more money that is payed to the guest DJ.
  • 60% is used to maintain and support Atlantic Progression. This money is used to pay our monthly Mixcloud Pro subscription, maintain our website, fund the $5 payments for our paid guest DJ gigs, and help us promote Atlantic Progression. Additionally, we have a savings account that will allow us to bring headliner acts to perform on our channel.

As time goes on, it is our intention and goal to be able to pay our guest DJs even more. Right now, most online radio stations expect their guest DJs to perform for free. In fact, there are many online radio stations that require their guest DJs to pay to perform! We do not believe in that.

How To Get Paid As A Guest DJ On Atlantic Progression

If you are interested in a paid guest DJ gig with Atlantic Progression, you will need a PayPal account. We only pay our guest DJs thought PayPal. The reason for this is because our guest DJs hail from all over the globe. PayPal is reliable, has global reach, and will exchange USD to the currency used by our guest DJs.

How To Apply For A Paid Guest DJ Gig With Atlantic Progression

If you’re ready to live stream your guest DJ set with Atlantic Progression, and get paid to do it, simply click the button below to start the application process.