Welcome To Atlantic Progression

Born from the desire to share the world’s best music with as many people as possible, Atlantic Progression fuses melodic rhythm, pumping bass, and dreamy soundscapes into the perfect audio experience. In other words, you’re going to dance when our DJ’s power up the turntables.

Our DJs

Dean Savage Logo
Dean Savage
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The Idahoan

About Us

Conceived in November 2021, Atlantic Progressive was created to bring you the best progressive house, melodic house, deep house, trance, and psy-trance out right now. Our DJs hail from all over the world and bring unique flair with their mixes.

Media Kit

Below you will find a link to download our media kit. It contains the logos and bio’s for Atlantic Progression and our resident DJs.

OBS Graphic Kit

Below you will find a link to download our OBS graphic kit. It contains various versions of our logo and screen borders.