Guest DJ Booking Request

We want you to be a Guest DJ on our Mixcloud and Twitch channels!

Once per week, Atlantic Progression will hand over the streaming key to a DJ who wants to live stream their mix on Mixcloud. All you need to do is fill out the form you find on this page to secure your time slot.

What You Need To Know Before You Apply For A Guest DJ Spot

Who/what is Atlantic Progression?

Born from the desire to share the world’s best music with as many people as possible, Atlantic Progression fuses melodic rhythm, pumping bass, and dreamy soundscapes into the perfect audio experience. In other words, you’re going to dance when our DJ’s power up the turntables.

Conceived in November 2021, Atlantic Progressive was created to bring you the best progressive house, melodic house, deep house, trance, and psy-trance out right now. Our DJ’s hail from all over the world and bring unique flair with their mixes.cing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Why is Atlantic Progression giving away free streaming time?

We want to give DJs the chance to reach a wider audience, easily and for free. While Atlantic Progression is relatively new on the scene, we know that once we attract a bigger audience online, the more exposure our guest and resident DJs will get. And who doesn’t want that? Additionally, the networking opportunities are worth their weight in gold. We want to make long lasting musical relationships with excellent DJs from around the world.

How to apply for a guest DJ spot

Those are detailed below. Be sure to read and understand everything below before you apply. Important information is emphasized.

Rules for all guest DJs (Important info here)

Only one guest DJ slot per week is being offered at this time. First come, first served.

It is your responsibility to check the event calendar to make sure a week is available for your show. If you apply for a slot in a calendar week that already has a guest DJ scheduled, your application will be rejected. The only exception is if any week also contains Resident DJs. In other words, you may still apply for any slot in any week even if a Resident Dj has a show in that same week. However, you cannot book a time slot on a day already taken by a Resident DJ.

You can apply to stream any day of the week and for any 24 hour period.

Guest DJs may only stream on Atlantic Progression once per month. We want to give others a chance to showcase their skills, too. We’re sure you’re good. We also want to share how good other DJs are as well.

Guest DJs can only have one reserved slot at a time. In other words, you cannot request a recurring slot (that is reserved only for Resident DJs).

If you don’t see your slot reserved in the event calendar you don’t have a slot. 
Guest DJs will get the Restream streaming key only after their slot has been confirmed and appears in the event calendar.

What you need to live stream for free

You’re gonna need music (obviously), your own DJ gear, and the ability to live stream to Mixcloud. Most people use OBS Studio, a free live streaming tool that connects to Mixcloud. Then, head on over to Mixcloud’s streaming guide to learn how to set up your stream. Also, it’s not a bad idea to learn the basics of Mixcloud if you’re new to the service. When you are approved for a slot, we will send you our Restream streaming key. You will stream your live mix to our Restream account and that will then stream your feed to our Mixcloud channel. You may want to read up on how to set up Restream in OBS.

What happens to your mix when you are done streaming

It gets published to the Atlantic Progression Mixcloud channel which can then be listened to, shared, commented on, and reposted. Please note that we cannot download and provide you with a copy of your mix. Mixcloud does not allow that. If you want a copy of your mix, it is your responsibility to record your mix within OBS or other means.

Will AP help you set up or troubleshoot your system?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide remote assistance to help you set up or troubleshoot your live streaming system. It is expected that all guest DJs have their streaming system ready to go for their scheduled slot. Refer to the item above regarding getting ready to stream live on Mixcloud.

Other things you need to know (this is VERY IMPORTANT)

Atlantic Progression reserves the explicit right to deny services to anybody for any reason at any time. Period. This cannot be debated.

We will not tolerate crappy behavior. Violation of any of these provisions will get you a warning. Any subsequent violations will result in a permanent ban from streaming on Atlantic Progression.

Crappy behavior includes bullying, being an a**hole, and streaming stuff like porn, violent content, racist garbage, or any other format that doesn’t include music as its main message/purpose. In other words, we only want live resident and guest DJ mix sets. No pre-recorded shows (music or not), talk shows, podcasts, or non-music content is allowed.

If you fail to stream your show during your reserved time, you will be banned from streaming for no less than 3 months on your first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in a permanent ban from streaming on Atlantic Progression.

What is a Resident DJ?

A Resident DJ is a DJ who has a recurring weekly or monthly slot for a predetermined amount of time.

How to become a Resident DJ on Atlantic Progression

There is no application or process to become a Resident DJ with Atlantic Progression. Our Resident DJs are chosen based on trustworthiness, reliability, and credibility.